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(New 2019) All DanmarK Channels frequency - Nilesat

How to watch Danish Channels 

its hard to find a danish channel for free via satellite and in denmark you can only watch television broadcasting via cable   most of stations tv universally available through antenna in the entire country. In addition many channels are local channels are available locally.

this is a list of danish channels and how to watch tv in denmark:

DR1 (also available in HDTV)
DR3 (HDTV only)
DR Ultra (Youth Channel)
DR Ramasjang (Children's Channel)
DR K (Culture & History)

Terrestrial : DTT Channel 1
Canal Digital :Channel 1
Viasat : Channel 1
Cable : YouSee Channel 1
Stofa Channel 1
Waoo Channel 1
IPTV :TDC TV Channel 1

TV3 (Denmark) 
TV3+ Denmark 
TV3 Puls
Viasat Nature/Crime 
Viasat Explorer 
Viasat History 
Viasat Sports Channels:

Viasat Sport 1 
Viasat Sport 2 
Viasat Sport Premier League 
Viasat Golf
Viasat Film Movie channels:

Viasat Film 
Viasat Film Action 
Viasat Film Classic
Viasat Film Drama 
Viasat Film Family 
Viasat Film Nordic 


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