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The frequency of 2M Monde Channel on Hot Bird 13E Satellite 13.0°E

2M Monde Channel Frequency on Hot Bird 13E Satellite

Watch 2M Monde channel on Hot Bird 13E satellite which you can get by orionting your dish to orbit 13.0?E . The TV Channel is transmmiting via satellite from Morocco as a Clear Channel, and mostly broadcast General Programs in Fraara language. The 2M Monde Television Station Frequency has Updted on March 25, 2016 , Hot Bird 13E ,And If you wonder where to watch the Channel and if you can get the TV Satation on you area Check The Satellite couvrage map and find what size of antenna you need for watching the channel in good condition in your location .

  • Channel Name :
    2M Monde
  • Satellite :
    Hot Bird 13E
  • Position :
  • Frequency :
  • Polarity :
  • Symbole Rate :
    27500 3/4

    More 2M Monde Frequencies on Other Satellites

    2M MondeArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6
    2M MondeHot Bird 13E11034.00Vertical27500 3/4
    2M MondeEutelsat 3B12526.00Horizontal4444 3/4
    2M MondeNilesat 20112015.00Vertical27500 5/6
    Last Updated : March 25, 2016

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