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(New 2019) Frequency of Food Network HD_ - Nilesat

Food Network HD  TV Frequency on Hot Bird 13C Satellite

Frequency of Food Network HD_

Here is a simple guide how to watch Food Network HD_ channel, and how to get the channel on pointing your dish towards Hot Bird 13C satellite, on Position 13.0E.

The Food Network HD_ TV Channel is broadcasting via satellite from Country.
The TV station can be viewed on ( Pol) Language.
Language : Polish
Encryption : Conax

The Food Network HD_ Television Station Frequency has last time Updated on January 5, 2017
The Channel is Can be Viewed in Europe, North Africa, Asia with that antenna dish and area parameters: Hotbird coverage map.

    Food Network HD Channel  Frequency on Hot Bird 

  • Channel Name :
    Food Network HD_
  • Satellite :
    Hot Bird 13C
  • Position :
  • Frequency :
  • Polarity :
  • Symbol Rate :
    27500 3/4
  • Package :
    Last Updated : January 5, 2017


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