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Frequency of Movies Channels on Hotbird

Frequency of Movies Channels on Hotbird

List of free and paid Movies TVs on Hotbird Satellite:

Here are a list of free and encrypted channels on Hotbird broadcast Movies, Series and best Cinema Programs, Mostly available on  the English language, 
Watch your best Movies Channel on Hotbird and make your favorite streaming list by adding those given frequencies to your STB.
Get the frequency of your Movies Channel and enjoy watching good and top films and series on dish FTA or Scrambled as you like

Movies Channels Frequencies on Hotbird:

Channel NameFrequencyPolaritySREncryption
Khane Film12149.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Persian Star 211054.00Horizontal27500 5/6Clear
Iran As Movie TV11604.00Horizontal27500 5/6Clear
iFilm English12437.00Horizontal29900 3/4Clear
iFilm12437.00Horizontal29900 3/4Clear
Canal+ Film HD Polska11411.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
TNT Poland12188.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
TNT HD Poland12284.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
Polsat Film HD11158.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Polsat Film11158.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Universal HD Poland10911.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Paramount Channel HD Poland11075.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Kino Polska10719.25Vertical27500 5/6Conax
Ale Kino+ HD11411.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
AMC Poland11449.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
Cinemax 2 HD12264.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Cinemax HD Eastern Europe11258.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
Canal+ Family HD Poland11411.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
HBO HD Polska12284.00Horizontal27500 3/4Conax
Filmbox Premium10796.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
FightBOX HD10911.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Filmbox Action10796.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Filmbox Arthouse10758.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Filmbox Extra HD Poland11278.36Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Filmbox Family10796.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
FilmBox Polska10796.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Sky Cinema Hits HD12341.00Vertical29900 3/4DVB Scrambling
Nova Cinema 111823.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Nova Cinema 4 HD11823.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Nova Cinema 311938.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Action 2412169.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Nova Cinema 2 HD11938.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Nova Cinema 1 HD12130.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Crime District12692.00Horizontal27500 3/4Mediaguard 3
Action12692.00Horizontal27500 3/4Mediaguard 3
HBO 3 HD Central Europe10834.00Vertical27500 3/4Nagravision 3
HBO 2 HD Polska10834.00Vertical27500 3/4Nagravision 3
Rai Movie10992.16Vertical27500 2/3Nagravision 3
Rai Movie HD11013.00Horizontal29900 3/4Nagravision 3
Paramount Channel France12692.00Horizontal27500 3/4Nagravision 3
Paramount Channel HD Italy10930.00Horizontal30000 2/3Nagravision 3
Paramount Channel Italy11541.03Vertical22000 5/6Nagravision 3
Detski Mir12322.00Horizontal27500 3/4Viaccess 4.0
Nashe Kino12322.00Horizontal27500 3/4Viaccess 4.0
Sky Cinema Family12034.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Cinema Passion12034.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Cinema Passion HD12360.00Horizontal29900 3/4VideoGuard
Cinema Comedy HD11996.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
Cinema Uno12034.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Cinema Uno HD12341.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
Sky Cinema +112054.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
Sky Cinema +1 HD11842.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
Sky Cinema +2412034.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Sky Cinema +24 HD12360.00Horizontal29900 3/4VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Classics12034.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Cinema Max +1 HD11842.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Family +1 HD12360.00Horizontal29900 3/4VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Family HD12360.00Horizontal29900 3/4VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Hits12054.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
Cult Network Italia11977.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Max12034.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Max +112054.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
Sky Cinema Max HD12341.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
Cinema Comedy12054.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
Cinema Classics HD11996.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
Cinema Cult HD11785.00Horizontal29900 3/4VideoGuard

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