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Music Channels on Hotbird

The frequency of Music Channels on Hotbird: 

Find bellow a list of music channels on Hotbird satellite, ordered by free channels and encrypted mode channels, enjoy all music channels and listen to your best music clips: hip-hop, Blues, Rock, Classic, Rap, Soft, Country...
Find the frequency of your music channel on dish  or make a good list of the channels that offer music program via satellite reception.

Frequencies of Music Channels:

Channel NameFrequencyPolaritySREncryption
4 Fun TV10758.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
VOX Music TV10796.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
4FUN Gold Hits10758.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Stars.TV10911.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Clubbing TV 4k 36010727.00Horizontal30000 3/4Clear
Disco Channel12092.00Horizontal29900 3/4Clear
Shanson11034.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Eska TV11393.44Vertical27500 3/4Clear
ETV11200.00Vertical27500 5/6Clear
Hip Hop TV Poland10796.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
RTL 102.511623.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Radionorba TV12322.00Horizontal27500 3/4Clear
Radio Italia TV12111.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Radio Italia TV11662.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Med Music12520.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Polo TV11393.44Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Muzic TV12245.00Horizontal29900 5/6Clear
Music Life12245.00Horizontal29900 5/6Clear
Music Box Russia10815.00Horizontal27500 5/6Clear
4FUN Dance10758.00Vertical27500 3/4Clear
Viva Polska11075.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
MTV Rocks12188.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Mezzo11623.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
MTV Live HD11075.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
MTV Polska11075.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Kino Polska Muzyka10834.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Disco Polo Music12188.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Trace Urban10834.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
TVP Rozrywka10758.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
VH-1 Video Hits One11075.00Vertical27500 3/4Conax
Mad Greekz11938.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
VH-1 Video Hits One12169.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Mad TV12169.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
MTV Hits11823.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
Mad TV12169.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
MTV Greece12169.00Horizontal27500 3/4Irdeto 2
NRJ 1211681.00Horizontal27500 3/4Viaccess 4.0
Radio Capital TV11355.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
Classica Italia HD12207.00Horizontal29900 3/4VideoGuard
MTV Rocks12054.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
myDeejay12616.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
MTV Italia11355.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard
MTV Hits Italia12054.00Horizontal29900 5/6VideoGuard
MTV Italia HD11842.00Vertical29900 3/4VideoGuard
MTV Music Italia11355.00Vertical29900 5/6VideoGuard

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