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قناة ميا الفضائية قناة  الجالية العربية من الشرق الاوسط في امريكا تنطلق برامجها على القمر الصناعي نايلسات 16 ماي 2014
تردد قناة MEA TV على القمر نايلسات قريبا فور انطلاق برامجها هنا
Start channel «MEA TV» broadcasting « Nilesat » on 16 May 2014 , to affects a range of Middle East , after it has attracted since the 1993 Arab communities living in the United States , based on its work on the program diverse , recreational , cultural and social . The aim of the channel to be « an active and positive bridge between the East and the West, and not only among the Arab citizen - and the U.S. homeland pain » . It is concerned with improving the image of Arabs and through the promotion of thought as well as the moderate Arab citizen frankness in Arab capitals of Western thought the U.S. without falsification . Channel conducts dialogues and political reporting is of interest to the Arab viewer Add it to broadcast soap operas and movies geared to all the Arab members of the Arab family . In short, can be described as TV Arab family who enjoy the privacy and Arab flavor , they are designed to keep the communication between the Arab-American diaspora and homeland mother . So you can not describe this channel as Syria or Egypt or Yemen or Iraq ( despite the fact that the owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors Walid Jad'aan Iraqi family emigrated to the United States , which is still a child ) . Perhaps what distinguishes the channel Batalaltha Arab from the state of Michigan where the largest concentration of Arabs in America , is not to be used to promote the thought or the like , they are characterized by neutrality , independence and moderation , and this line of the man who founded and who met him after he attracted me channel spectator Arab through dealt with topical whether or social news . I could not speculate on the nationality of the channel and the affiliation of its team to the diversity of issues and to address them in an objective way , aspect news deals with the news as it is on the ground and the news program hosts the opinion and the other opinion and ask each side position without altercations and a fight in a civilized way that respects the thought of the scenes , the software provider does not injects himself for « heat » , for example, or the opposition. Broadcaster here conveys the opinion of the Arab man in the street who wants to know the truth . TV «MEA» is not confined to the attention of Arab-Americans , but is also important for the Arabs in various Arab countries who dream of emigrating , as well as for college students and all those who want to go to America for treatment , education or investment , there are outreach programs for immigration and laws , shed light on how to get visa and residence and conditions in America. Also offers TV services through programs that highlight the universities to facilitate the selection of appropriate and accredited universities . The viewer can through this channel and in agreement with the introduction of specific universities in the university, which wants to join them and to facilitate the admission procedures . There are also programs dealing with the latest medical treatments and hosts specialized doctors , as well as dealing with the latest drugs on the market . A priority of the channel support Arab societies in various fields , both in international trade issues of mutual or investment issues and secure investment in the United States as well as the support of Arab hospitals in the Middle East through the publicity and support for the Arab economy by promoting tourism to the Arab countries and encourage investment in all fields , especially the real estate market Arab , especially the Arab him no matter how long time away from home and is keen to buy a house in his hometown and also have invested your there . And encourages the channel of cultural exchange between America and the Arab states , led by student exchanges . It also aims to educate the American society, the civilization of the Arabs and their successes and achievements , whether in history or in the present time through the programs being developed for models of successful Arab in America and in the Arab countries , and highlights as well as the successes of Arab women and their achievements and their active role in American society . In short «MEA» seeks to be a bridge between America and the Arab countries , which are eligible for it for its long experience in providing media message , especially as non -governmental organizations (ie, non- calculated on a ) . The center channel is the city of Detroit , Michigan , where the largest concentration of Arab communities in the United States and its subsidiaries in the U.S. capital Washington and in Chicago and in Toronto in Canada and Mexico

the frequency will be avalaible soon as the tv start on nile sat
the frequency at galaxy satellite
Galaxy 19    97.0°W    12115 V  22425

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