(New 2022) Free Channels where You Can Watch football matches 2018 - Nilesat

German channels ARD, ZDF

Will transfer all Football  matches for free, but through its frequency present on the Astra satellite channel will be encrypted with the Alhoutberd to get the channel broadcast the games on the Strategic only especially in Germany and the frequencies of the two channels to you:

Astra 19.2 ° e - Frequency 11954 - H Horizontal --27,500
Astra 19.2 ° e - Frequency 11836 - H Horizontal --27,500
Astra 19.2 ° e - Frequency 11362 - H Horizontal --22,000
Astra 19.2 ° e - Frequency 11494 - H Horizontal --22,000

Package Turkish TRT

Turkish package on the satellite Turkish SAT obtained the rights Radio Football matches for free and can watch all the games across the channel "TRT 1, TRT Haber, TRT 3, TRT 1 HD, TRT Spor" and you frequency channels to be transferred tournament
Türksat 3A 42 ° E - Frequency 11096 - H Horizontal --30,000
Türksat 2A 42 ° E - Frequency 11919 - V vertical --24,444
Türksat 3A 42 ° E - Frequency 11041 - V vertical --8,400

Bouquet Italian RAI

Bouquet of channels rai sport got the rights to the Football channels open for free on the Hotbird satellite is expected encrypted, but so far are open at the moon and the European can receive all free to you and Frequency:

Hotbird 13 ° E - Frequency 10992 - V vertical --27,500
Hotbird 13 ° E - Frequency 11804 - V vertical --27,500
Hotbird 13 ° E - Frequency 11766 - V vertical --27,500

DUHOK HD channel
Iraqi Kurdish channel broadcast illegally where you do not channel the Iraqi move the game from one of the European channels and not added commentary Arab me that sports in order to provide service to the Iraqi people and the Arab watch the games for free to comment Arab, from my sources on "Theme Editor" and exclusively for Egypt Fife confirmed that the channel Dohuk, Iraq will be transferred some Football games and HD technology you channel frequency:

NSS-12 - 57 ° E - Frequency 11188 - V vertical --1,774Frequency only works on devices supporting Tnqama HD, DVB-S2 system

Bouquet of channels IRIB

Iran winning the rights to broadcast all Football matches across the silver screen and will be transferred to a special Football matches across the fallopian IRIB TV3, IRIB Varzesh and through satellite Intelsat, as well as the moon and you Badr 26 frequencies:

Badr 26 ° E - Frequency 11900 - V vertical --27,500
Badr 26 ° E - Frequency 11881 - H Horizontal --27,500
Intelsat 62 ° E - Frequency 11555 - V vertical --30,000

Bouquet of channels IBA
Navigate the Football for free on the satellite Amos through the fallopian IBA Channel 33 and IBA Channel 1 and you frequency channels:

Amos 4 ° w - Frequency 11647 - V vertical --8,518

Bouquet of channels Azeri

Navigate the Football Idman Azerbaijan, AZ TV Azerbaijan, Ictimia TV channels were sure they would move the games free of charge via the silver screen as a reminder of channels not move the stronger European and international matches and you Frequency:

Azerspace 46 ° e - Frequency 11169 - H Horizontal --20,400

Channel Georgian

One who resides on the three European satellites can be received with ease and frequency you:

Azerspace 46 ° e - Frequency 11095 - H Horizontal --27,500
Türksat 42 ° E - Frequency 11472 - H Horizontal --23,450
Eutelsat 36 ° E - Frequency 11221 - H Horizontal --27,500

Channel Rah-e-Farda

Some will be transferred tournament especially important matches the channel mobility of many tournaments were announced via the transfer screens Football matches for free on the silver screen, the channel broadcasts via Amarain you and Frequency:

Türksat 42 ° E - Frequency 11988 - H Horizontal --2,222
Express-AM22 53 ° E - Frequency 11052 - H Horizontal --2,530

Nigerian channel Télé Sahel channel broadcast by satellite channel Turkish African Nigerian got the rights to the tournament and especially Almtantb Nigerian participant in the Football in Brazil and will be transferred all their matches in addition to the important matches and you Frequency:

Türksat 42 ° E - Frequency 12699 - V vertical --6,600

African channels RTS - ORTM - TPai

This channel of Senegal, Mali and covers a large part of the African continent will move Football matches for free and you Frequency:

Eutelsat W3A at 7 ° - Frequency 10721 - H Horizontal --22,000

Bouquet of channels of the State of Montenegro

She holds the rights to the Football through the channels they are: RTVG montengro and RTCG 1 and you Trddahma:

Eutelsat 16A - Frequency 12597 - V vertical --2,848

Armenia TV channel

Tanker exclusively for the tournament for the public state of Armenia and any state can receive Moon Eutelsat:

Eutelsat 36 ° E - Frequency 11109 - V vertical --3,407

Channels ITV 1 - ITV 2 - ITV 4
She holds the rights of the Football on the Astra satellite and the matches will be broadcast on three channels and you frequency
Astra 1N - 28.5 ° E - Frequency 10758 - V vertical --22,000

English channels of the BBC BBC ONE - BBC TWO - BBC Four

Mobility is the other Football matches to the public Premier Ali satellite Astra:
Astra 1N - 28.5 ° E - Frequency 10773 - H Horizontal --22,000

RTVS TV channel

Slovak is the channel won the rights to the Football and you transfer frequency:
Astra 3B at 23.5 ° e - Frequency 11836 - H Horizontal --27,500

Channel BNT

Bulgarian navigate through satellite Intelsat Football matches for free via screens and you Frequency:
Intelsat 12 at 45.0 ° E - Frequency 11591 - V vertical --30,000

There are some terrestrial channels got the rights to broadcast Football matches for free via screens and through the terrestrial network and which can not be received, but within the boundaries of the state winning the rights to the games:
Algerian network on the ground got 22 games ground transportation, as well as TV and Mauritania, who obtained the rights to broadcast the Football for free via the terrestrial network within the State

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