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Fréquence de Animal Planet TV frequency :

The Documentary Channel TV Animal Planet Europe on English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, German, Deutsche, ...languages are broadcast on many satellites that can be tuned to in europe countries and also on  north Africa via Hotbird, Astra, Eutelsat, Turksat, Nilesat, Thor, Intelsat, Amos Satellites . to watch the Animal Planet TV live on line on your TV via Satellite reception is possible by using one of those frequencies:

Animal Planet Tv frequency by each Satellite

45.0°EIntelsat 1211550 V30000
42.0°ETürksat 2A11729 V15555
42.0°ETürksat 4A12188 V27500
39.0°EHellas Sat 212524 V30000
39.0°EHellas Sat 212606 H30000
28.2°EAstra 2E11758 H29500
28.2°EAstra 2E11876 H27500
16.0°EEutelsat 16A11470 V30000
16.0°EEutelsat 16A11471 H30000
16.0°EEutelsat 16A11512 H30000
16.0°EEutelsat 16A11554 V30000
13.0°EEutelsat Hot Bird 13C11488 H27500
9.0°EEutelsat 9A12074 V27500
7.0°EEutelsat 7A / Nilesat 101/10211534 V30000
4.8°EAstra 4A12226 H25540
4.8°EAstra 4A12226 H25540
0.8°WThor 511785 H30000
0.8°WThor 511785 H30000
0.8°WThor 511938 H28000
1.0°WIntelsat 10-0212607 V26667
1.0°WIntelsat 10-0212723 H27500
4.0°WAmos 310758 V30000
4.0°WAmos 310889 V30000

Animal Planet Can be Viewed on HD DVB-S28PSK ... MPEG Encrypted not FTA 
Animal Planet TV Channel named also Animal Planet Animal Planet Africa Animal Planet East Animal Planet Europe Animal Planet Europe +1 Animal Planet HD World India Animal Planet India Animal Planet Middle East Animal Planet South East Asia Animal Planet USA Animal Planet West deponds on Satellite Coverage and language of Channel

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