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Cbeebies TV frequency on all Satellites

BBC Cbeebies is Children Channel TV broadcast from UK in many languages .to watch the TV Cbeebies in your area it is possible where ever you are on the globe, just pick up the satellite cover your country and add the Frequency given bellow and then enjoy the Cbeebies  Channel tv for kids and children .

BBC Cbeebies tuning frequency on freeview or freesat may also be found on Astra 28E satellite available on united kingdom and Europe  

To receive Cbeebies Channel on other countries Cbebies Channels can be watched on Poland (BBC Cbeebies Polska) on Australia , on America on South Africa, sub sahara, South Africa, South Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, 

If you unable to tune Cbeebies TV on freeview and sky digital or other Tv providers you can enjoy Cbeebies on satellite by  adding the right frquency to your satellite reciever 

All Cbeebies TV frequencies 

Position Satellite Frequency SR
28.2°E Astra 2E 10773 H 22000
28.2°E Astra 2F 11023 H 23000
27.5°W Intelsat 907 11495 V 44100
27.5°W Intelsat 907 11495 V 44100
13.0°E Hotbird 11117 V
138.0°E Telstar 18 12629 H 43200
108.2°E SES 7 2595 V 22500
108.2°E SES 7 11600 H 30000
78.5°E Thaicom 5 12396 H 30000
76.5°E Apstar 7 4151 H 14670
76.5°E Apstar 7 11167 V 45000
43.1°W Intelsat 11 3984 V 9760
61.0°W Amazonas 2 10928 H 28888
77.0°W QuetzSat 1 12559 L 22500
110.0°W EchoStar 11 12443 L 20000
135.0°W AMC 10 4000 V 29067
156.0°E Optus C1 12518 H
68.5°E Intelsat 20 11050 H 30000
35.9°E Eutelsat 36B 11766 V 27500
SR = Symbole Rate

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