(New 2022) CCTV Frequencies - Nilesat

CCTV frequencies on all satellites

CCTV China Channel TV  for news and life style , broadcast on Arabic french English China and many languages. you can watch CCTV on hotbird, Nilesat, Astra, Eutelsat, Chinasat, SES,Thor, Intelsat and on all satellites by adding those frequencies to your receiver.

CCTV Arabic TV frequency on Nilesat,Badr, Eutelsat Satellites

Position Satellite Frequency SR
124.0°E JCSAT 4B 12610 H 30000
115.5°E ChinaSat 6B 4116 H 21374
26.0°E Badr 6 11785 V 27500
9.0°E Eutelsat 9A 11996 V 27500
7.0°W Nilesat 201 12015 V 27500

CCTV en français Fréquences sur Astra, Eutelsat,SES, Intelsat, Galaxy Chinasat 

124.0°E JCSAT 4B 12450 H 30000
115.5°E ChinaSat 6B 4116 H 21374
35.9°E Eutelsat 36B 12073 V 27500
19.2°E Astra 1L 11538 V 22000
10.0°E Eutelsat 10A 3759 R 19816
5.0°E SES 5 12054 V 29950
22.0°W SES 4 11671 V 30000
58.0°W Intelsat 21 3880 H 27690
95.0°W Galaxy 3C 11780 H 20760

CCTV news frequencies English on all satellites

160.0°EOptus D112581 H22500
156.0°EOptus D312136 V27800
138.0°ETelstar 1812507 H45000
138.0°ETelstar 1812538 V41250
124.0°EJCSAT 4B12450 H30000
116.0°EKoreasat 612450 H27489
115.5°EChinaSat 6B4116 H21374
95.0°ESES 812110 H40700
95.0°ENSS 612647 V30000
92.2°EChinaSat 911940 R28800
92.2°EChinaSat 912100 R28800
91.5°EMeasat 311482 V30000
78.5°EThaicom 612467 V45000
76.5°EApstar 711105 V45000
68.5°EIntelsat 204064 H19850
68.5°EIntelsat 2011474 H30000
45.0°EIntelsat 1211591 V27689
36.0°EEutelsat 36A12284 R27500
35.9°EEutelsat 36B11429 V30000
35.9°EEutelsat 36B11940 H27500
28.2°EAstra 2F12663 H22000
19.2°EAstra 1L11538 V22000
13.0°EEutelsat Hot Bird 13D11034 V27500
10.0°EEutelsat 10A3759 R19816
5.0°ESES 511881 H27500
5.0°ESES 511977 V27500
5.0°ESES 512054 V29950
0.8°WThor 512418 V28000
4.0°WAmos 210722 V27500
7.0°WNilesat 20112015 V27500
58.0°WIntelsat 213880 H27690
72.7°WNimiq 512428 R21500
91.0°WGalaxy 174180 V30000
95.0°WGalaxy 3C11780 H20760
110.0°WEchoStar 1112326 L20000
118.8°WAnik F312063 L20000

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