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Pinacle IP9600 HD Hybird Receiver : Search and find Satellites frequencies

The Pinacle Satellite Receivers are mostly easy to use for adding frequencies and find new channels, To find a channel all you need is it's frequency ,know it's polarity and the symbole rate, or if you want to add all satellite Channels for one is easy to do by following these steps:

1 - On the Remote Control type the Menu Button

2 - Select Installation

3 - There is two options Antenna Settings and Manuel Search :

           - Antenna Settings : is Where you can search by satellite  to find all                           Channels depends on frequencies saved on the device

       - Chose the Satellite you want to search for its content channels
       - Set LNB Power to 13V/18V and LNB frequency  to Universal
       - If you have a Diseq set its Number if not set to none
       - Network Search  set to yes if you want to add new frequencies which not was saved    on your device 
       - If you want to watch just free channels make yes to FTA only or No if you want to add scrambled /encrypted Cahnnels to your divece

          - Then Click the Red Button on Your Remote Controll to Search within the satellite

           - Manuel Search : When you look for a Specified Channel by adding its frequency, Polarity and Symbole rate 

In the Manuel Search you must have already Some Data of the Channel you want to add, the satellite name , the number of frequency , Polarity, Symbole rate .
and if one of them are false the channel wont be found and you need to orient your dish to the wanted satellite ,
to be sure that the data you entered is true check the Signal and Quality Indice  which must be above 60% and 50% in some frequencies.

After that Click on the red button on your Remote to find the channel


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