(New 2022) Al jazeera Arabic News Channel Frequency - Nilesat

Aljazeera  News TV frequency on Nilesat Eutelsat 8W :

       Al-jazeera News TV frequency on Nilesat is not available and has move on to Eutelsat 8W , The same position of Nilesat and Eutelsat 7W. So you can watch JSC News or ALjazeera HD  free on Eutelsat 8W by those frequencies.
   Eljazeera or ALjazira TV frequiency on Nilesat are found bellow ,

The  Arabic News Channel Aljazeera HD Frequency :

Eutelsat 8W Nilesat Satellite :

 10990 H 27500
 12520 V 27500

The  English News Channel Aljazeera HD Frequency :

Nilesat/ Eutelsat  8.0 East  

10990 H 27500 
12520 V 27500

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