(New 2022) Quran TV channel frequency - Nilesat

Quran Saudi TV on frequencies on Sat:

The Holy Quran TV channel frequency on satellite
Alquran Alkareem Channel is a Saudi Network Channels that Broadcast 24h/24h the holy quran recites .
If you look for Quran Tv frequency on Nilesat or Hotbird or Badr Turksat Asiasat  or any other satellites Here are you will fine all frequencies of Quran TV on Sat broadcast for free to air.

The Frequency of Quran TV on Satellites

JCSAT 4B 124.0°E12490 H 30000 3/5FTA
Bangabandhu 1 119.1°E10885 V 30000 2/3Irdeto
SES 9 108.2°E11024 V 15675 1/2FTA
AsiaSat 5 100.5°E3820 V 27500 3/4FTA
ChinaSat 11 98.0°E12500 V 43200 3/5FTA
Measat 3a 91.4°E12436 H 31000 2/3FTA
Measat 3b 91.5°E12603 V 30000 5/6Irdeto
Thaicom 6 78.5°E12604 V 30000 3/4BISS
ABS 2 75.0°E3623 H 42856 2/3FTA
ABS 2A 75.0°E12290 V 44000 3/4ABVNeotion SHL
Al Yah 1 52.5°E11823 H 27500 5/6FTA
Türksat 3A 42.0°E12729 H 27500 2/3FTA
Hellas Sat 3 39.0°E12424 H 27500 5/6FTA
Arabsat 5A 30.5°E10796 H 8000 5/6FTA
Arabsat 5A 30.5°E10924 H 17000 3/4FTA
Badr 7 26.0°E11230 H 27500 5/6FTA
Badr 4 26.0°E12015 V 27500 3/4FTA
Badr 4 26.0°E12149 H 27500 5/6FTA
Arabsat 5C 20.0°E3934 L 27500 7/8FTA
Hotbird 13C 13.0°E12654 H 27500 5/6FTA
Eutelsat 7A 7.0°E10928 H 30000 5/6Irdeto
Eutelsat 7B 7.0°E12604 H 29981 2/3FTA
Nilesat 201 7.0°W12149 H 27500 3/4FTA
Nilesat 201 7.0°W12284 V 27500 5/6FTA
Hispasat 30W-4 30.0°W12132 H 27500 3/4FTA
Galaxy 19 97.0°W12152 H 20000 3/4FTA
Anik F3 118.8°W12020 R 20000 3/4Nagravision

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