(New 2022) Frequencies of Arabsat - Nilesat

Arabsat 5A 30.5° East Frequencies of Channel

Channel NameSatelliteFrequencyPolaritySymbol-RLanguage
Al Iraqiya TVArabsat 5A12523.00Vertical6000 3/4Arabic
Ashorooq TVArabsat 5A12724.00Vertical3000 3/4Arabic
ERI TVArabsat 5A12607.00Vertical2590 3/4Amharic
Kuwait TVArabsat 5A12614.00Horizontal3300 3/4Arabic
Medi 1 TVArabsat 5A12614.00Vertical3800 3/4Arabic frensh
Medi 1 TVArabsat 5A12614.00Vertical3800 3/4French
Sudan TVArabsat 5A12719.00Vertical3000 3/4Arabic
TerrestrialArabsat 5A12607.00Vertical2590 3/4

Arabsat 5C 20.0° East Frequencies of all Channels

Channel NameSatelliteFrequencyPolaritySymbol-RLanguage
2M MondeArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Arabic frensh
Abu Dhabi TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Africa TV SwahiliArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Swa
Africa TV WazobiyaArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Arabic
Al HaramienArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Al Jazeera DocumentaryArabsat 5C4054.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Al Jazeera EnglishArabsat 5C4054.00Left27500 3/4English
Al Jazeera MubasherArabsat 5C4054.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Al Jazeera MubasherArabsat 5C4054.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Al Jazeera Satellite ChannelArabsat 5C4054.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Al MasriyahArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Al Masriyah USAArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Al Siera Al NabaweiaArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Egy tv net feedArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
ES TVArabsat 5C3796.00Left1850 3/4Amharic
Iqraa TVArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Arabic
Kanal 7 GabonArabsat 5C3732.00Left1202 5/6French
Kuwait TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Libya Al WatanArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Mauritanian TVArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Arabic
Nile DramaArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Nile DramaArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Nile LifeArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Nile NewsArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Nile NewsArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Nile SportsArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Nile TV InternationalArabsat 5C3973.00Left27500 3/4Arabic
Oman TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Qatar TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Saudi Channel 1Arabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Arabic
Saudi Channel 2Arabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6Arabic
Saudi TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Sharjah TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Southern Sudan TVArabsat 5C3710.00Right1600 2/3Arabic
Southern Sudan TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Sudan TVArabsat 5C3934.00Left27500 7/8Arabic
Tayba TVArabsat 5C3884.00Right27500 5/6
TESTArabsat 5C4054.00Left27500 3/4Arabic

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