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Frequency of Viasat TV :

Bellow a list of Viasat Channels frequencies on European Satellites.
Frequency of Viasat Fotball, of Viasat Explore, of Viasat Film Family, Viasat Golf, Viasat Hockey and frequencies of via sat motor series and Sport

Viasat ExploreAstra 4A11823.00Vertical27500 5/6
Viasat Explore HDSES 511265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
Viasat Film ActionAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4
Viasat Film Action HDSES 511305.00Vertical30000 3/4
Viasat Film ComedyAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6
Viasat Film Comedy HDSES 511305.00Vertical30000 3/4
Viasat Film FamilyAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4
Viasat Film HitsAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6
Viasat Film PremiereAstra 4A12054.00Vertical27500 3/4
Viasat Fotboll HDSES 511345.00Horizontal30000 3/4
Viasat Fotboll HDThor 511309.00Vertical25000 3/4
Viasat GolfAstra 4A11727.48Horizontal27500 5/6
Viasat HistoryAstra 4A11804.00Horizontal27500 5/6
Viasat HockeyAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6
Viasat Hockey HDSES 511305.00Horizontal30000 3/4
Viasat MotorAstra 4A11862.00Vertical27500 3/4
Viasat MotorThor 610934.00Vertical25000 3/4
Viasat Motor HDSES 511305.00Vertical30000 3/4
Viasat Nature ActionAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6
Viasat Nature HDSES 511265.00Horizontal30000 3/4
Viasat SeriesAstra 4A12034.00Horizontal27500 5/6
Viasat Series HDSES 511305.00Vertical30000 3/4
Viasat Sport HDSES 511305.00Horizontal30000 3/4
Viasat Sport Premium HDSES 511305.00Horizontal30000 3/4
Viasat Sport SverigeAstra 4A11977.00Vertical27500 5/6

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