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The frequency of AFN Sports Channel on Eutelsat 9B Satellite 9.0?E

AFN Sports frequency Eutelsat Intelsat SES

find the AFN Sports HD channel frequency on Eutelsat 9B, Intelsat 10, SES 1, Intelsat 903 906, satellites as well as all the parameters you need to search and get The AFN Sports TV on your satellite digital reciever for free , enjoy AFN Sports and feel free to share the AFN Sports frequency on social medias
AFN Sports Channel is where you can watch American and world sports footbal NBA events and matches 

AFN Sports Channel Frequency on Eutelsat 9B Satellite

  • Channel :AFN Sports
  • Satellite :Eutelsat 9B
  • Position : 9.0?E
  • Frequency : 11804.00
  • Polarization :Vertical
  • Symbole Rate :27500 3/4
  • Encryption :PowerVu
  • Country : U.S.A.
  • Category : Sport

    The frequency of the Channel
    AFN SportsEutelsat 9B9.0?E11804.00Vertical27500 3/4
    AFN SportsIntelsat 10-020.8?W4175.00Right28000 3/4
    AFN SportsSES 422.0?W4114.50Left3680 2/3
    AFN SportsIntelsat 90334.5?W4126.00Left3680 2/3
    AFN SportsIntelsat 90664.2?E4093.00Left3680 2/3
    AFN Sports HDEutelsat 9B9.0?E11804.00Vertical27500 3/4
    AFN Sports 2Eutelsat 9B9.0?E11804.00Vertical27500 3/4
    AFN Sports 2Intelsat 10-020.8?W4175.00Right28000 3/4

    Last Updated : March 9, 2016

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