(New 2022) TRT Turk on Astra hotbird Turksat Eutelsat - Nilesat

The frequency of TRT Turk Channel on Astra 1N Satellite 19.2E

TRT T?rk
Watch TRT Turk channel live streaming via satellite transmission on your television, The Channel broadcasts via Astra 1N satellite which you can get easily on pointing your dish exactly towards the orbit19.2E.
Bellow, you can find the channel frequency as well as all the parameters you need to search and get The TRT Turk TV on your satellite digital receiver for free, enjoy TRT Turk and feel free to share the TRT Turk frequency on social medias

TRT Turk Channel Frequency on Astra 1N Satellite

  • Channel :TRT Turk
  • Satellite :Astra 1N
  • Position : 19.2E
  • Frequency : 11611.75
  • Polarization :Horizontal
  • Symbole Rate :22000 5/6
  • Encryption :Clear
  • Language :Turkish
  • Country : Turkey
  • Category : General
  • Package :SES ASTRA

    The frequency of the Channel on satellites

    TRT TurkAstra 1N19.2E11611.75Horizontal22000 5/6
    TRT TurkHot Bird 13E13.0E11034.00Vertical27500 3/4
    TRT TurkEutelsat 9B9.0E12322.00Horizontal27500 2/3
    TRT TurkEutelsat 7A7.0E10762.00Vertical30000 3/4
    TRT TurkTurksat 4A42.0E11957.00Vertical27500 5/6
    TRT TurkEutelsat 36B36.0E12322.00Horizontal23438 2/3
    Last Updated: October 13, 2015

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