(New 2022) Hum TV frequency on Asiasat SES Amos Anik Astra2 Nilesat - Nilesat

The frequencies of  Hum Channel on Asiasat SES Amos Astra2 Anik and Nilesat satellites

The Frequency of  Pakistani Channels : Hum TV, Hum News TV, Hum World TV, Hum Menna TV, Hum Europe TV on Satellites Asiasat, Anik sat, SES sat, Amos, Astra 2G and Nilesat,
Ham TV is a 24-hour entertainment channel based in Lahore, Pakistan and Karachi. This is a channel owned by Ham Network Limited (KSE: HNLL).Ham Network Limited was known as I. Television Network Limited before January 21, 2011. Ham TV officially started broadcasting on January 17, 2005. In March 2013, Ham Network organized its first Ham Award ceremony.

The frequency of  Hum Channel from Pakistan on satellites:

TV Logo Channel Position Satellite Frequency
hum news Hum TV
Hum TV World
Hum TV Menna
Hum TV News
105.5°E AsiaSat 7 4155 H 9833
Hum V frequency Hum TV 95.0°E SES 8 12170 H 40700
Hum TV Hum TV 65.0°E Amos 4 11235 V 45000
Hum TV Europe Hum TV Europe 28.2°E Astra 2G 11538 V 22000
Hum TV World Hum TV World 118.8°E Anik F3 11960 R 20000
Hum TV Menna 7.0°W Nilesat 201 11881 H 3000
Last Updated : September 15, 2016

Watch Hum TV on Dish, Sky Abnexs and Virgin media Network

Dish Network ( America ) Channel 620
Sky ( UK & Ireland ) Channel 844
World Call Cable ( Pakistan ) Channel 22
ABNEXS ( Malaysia ) Channel 505
Virgin Media ( United Kingdom ) Channel 833

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