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RTG Channel frequency on Intelsat 907 Satellite.

RTG TV frequency on Intelsat 907
RTG TV frequency on Intelsat 907

RTG TV Guinea frequency Intelsat 907
Watch RTG channel live  via satellite transmition on your television, The Channel broadcasts via Intelsat 907 satellite which you can get easily on pointing your dish exactly towards the orbit27.5W . r STB TP parameters with the followings:

RTG Channel Frequency on Intelsat 907 Satellite

  • Channel :RTG
  • Satellite :Intelsat 907
  • Position : 27.5W
  • Frequency : 3936.00
  • Polarization :Right
  • Symbole Rate :4550 1/2
  • Encryption :Clear
  • Language : French
  • Country : Guinea
  • Category : General
  • Package :RTG KOLOMA

    The RTG TV frequency Channel on all satellites

    RTG Congo Rascom QAF 1R3.0°E3985Right13555 5/6
    RTGEutelsat 117 West A116.8°W3976Vertical1100 3/4
    RTGIntelsat 90727.5°W3936Right4550 1/2
    If The frequency of RTG TV given here not correct please feel free to notice us

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