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List of BulgariaSat satellite channels & frequency

Here is a free list of all BulgariaSat TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on BulgariaSat satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

BulgariaSat satellite  list channels & frequencies

1.9°EArena Sport 2ser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EArena Sport 3ser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EArena Sport 5ser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EArena Sport BIHser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EArenaSport 1ser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EArenaSportser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EAXN Adriaeng12380 Horizontal
1.9°EB92ser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EDiscovery Channel Serbiaser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EH2eng12380 Horizontal
1.9°EHappy TVser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EMinimax Serbiaser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ENational Geographic Bulgariaeng12380 Horizontal
1.9°EOBNser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EPinkser12380 Horizontal
1.9°EPrva Srpska Televizijaser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS 1 Serbiaser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS 2ser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS Koloser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS Muzikaser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTV 1 Vojvodinaser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTV Novi Pazarser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ESOS Kanalser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ETV Kopernikusser12380 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS Dramaser12456 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS Trezorser12456 Horizontal
1.9°ERTV 2ser12456 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS Zivotser12456 Horizontal
1.9°EAMC Eastern Europeeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EDisney Channel Bulgariabul12456 Horizontal
1.9°ENickelodeon Bulgariabul12456 Horizontal
1.9°ENick Jr Bulgariaeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°ENickelodeon Bulgariabul12303 Horizontal
1.9°EViasat Exploreeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°ERTS 3ser12456 Horizontal
1.9°ECineStar TV Actioncro12456 Horizontal
1.9°EDocuBoxbul12456 Horizontal
1.9°EFilmbox Plus12456 Horizontal
1.9°EFood Networkeng12456 Horizontal
1.9°EHobby lovbul12456 Horizontal
1.9°EPerviy Kanalrus12456 Horizontal
1.9°EPlaneta Folkbul12456 Horizontal
1.9°EThe Voice Bulgariabul12456 Horizontal
1.9°EBaby TVeng12456 Horizontal
1.9°EEurosport 2bul12456 Horizontal
1.9°ECinestar TVeng12456 Horizontal
1.9°ECineStar TV Fantasycro12456 Horizontal
1.9°EFilmBox Extracze12303 Horizontal
1.9°ENatGeo Wild Central Europeeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°ETV Duga Plusser12456 Horizontal
1.9°EPlaneta TVeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EAnimal Planeteng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EBalkanikabul12303 Horizontal
1.9°EBelle Amieeng12456 Horizontal
1.9°EDM Satser12456 Horizontal
1.9°EEurosport 1bul12303 Horizontal
1.9°EFashion TVeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EFine Living Networkeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EHobby TVeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EHustler TVeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EInvestigation Discovery Xtraeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EMezzoeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EMTV Hitseng12456 Horizontal
1.9°ENick Jr Bulgariaeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EPassion XXXeng12456 Horizontal
1.9°EPenthouseeng12456 Horizontal
1.9°ETLC Bulgariabul12303 Horizontal
1.9°ETravel Channelbul12303 Horizontal
1.9°EVH-1 Video Hits Oneeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EVH-1 Classiceng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EViasat Historyeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EViasat Nature CEEeng12303 Horizontal
1.9°EXYPluseng12303 Horizontal
BulgariaSat satellite 1.9°E channels list frequency


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