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List of Eutelsat 117 West A satellite channels & frequency

Here is a free list of all Eutelsat 117 West A TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on Eutelsat 117 West A satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

Eutelsat 117 West A satellite list channels & frequencies

116.8°WEdusat3720 Vertical
116.8°WTelesecundariaSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WILCE Canal 13 Innova ConocimientoSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WUnADSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WILCE Canal 15 Summa SaberesSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WCanal 22 NacionalSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WTelebachilleratoSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WCanal IberoamericanoSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WTele MexicoSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WTV UniversidadSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WRed de las ArtesSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WAprende TVSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WCanal del CongresoSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WEspecialesSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WTransmisiones Especiales 27Spa3720 Vertical
116.8°WTV UNAMSpa3720 Vertical
116.8°WINE TV3744 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Centro3748 Vertical
116.8°WInti Network3768 Vertical
116.8°WGama TV3772 Vertical
116.8°WTelecentro Dominican Republic3786 Vertical
116.8°Wfeeds3793 Vertical
116.8°WTPSD3798 Vertical
116.8°WColor Vision 9Spa3798 Vertical
116.8°WCanal 25Spa3798 Vertical
116.8°WRed Nacional de NoticiasSpa3798 Vertical
116.8°WBuenavision TVSpa3798 Vertical
116.8°WSport VisionSpa3798 Vertical
116.8°WAme 7 TVSpa3798 Vertical
116.8°WNaranja TVSpa3798 Vertical
116.8°WSanto Domingo TVSpa3798 Vertical
116.8°WCongreso TV3804 Vertical
116.8°WCanal Judicial3804 Horizontal
116.8°WCanal Antigua3808 Horizontal
116.8°WCanal Uno3820 Horizontal
116.8°WCanal 10 Mexico3824 Horizontal
116.8°Wfeeds3840 Vertical
116.8°WTVC Deportes 2Spa3840 Vertical
116.8°WMega SportsSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WPanicoSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WTVCSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WVideo RolaSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WPasiones LatinoamericaSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WCine Mexicano MexicoSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WPanicoSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WAMC MexicoSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WPlatino 2Spa3840 Vertical
116.8°WPlatinoSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WMas Chic LationamericaSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WElgourmetSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WSundance TV Latin AmericaSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WHola TVSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WNFL NetworkSpa3840 Vertical
116.8°WAzteca Guatemala3845 Horizontal
116.8°WEl Financiero Bloomberg3850 Horizontal
116.8°WUCSG TV3853 Horizontal
116.8°WPX SportsSpa3868 Vertical
116.8°WTV Manabita3883 Horizontal
116.8°WRTC3885 Horizontal
116.8°WTelerama Ecuador3888 Vertical
116.8°WRTC3889 Horizontal
116.8°WTelefuturo Dominican Republic3890 Vertical
116.8°WCanela TV3897 Vertical
116.8°WCorTV3899 Horizontal
116.8°WOaxaquena Radio Aro FMSpa3899 Horizontal
116.8°WUNAH UTV3903 Horizontal
116.8°WLa Voz de Maria3903 Vertical
116.8°WTeleceiba3905 Horizontal
116.8°WCanal Antigua3908 Horizontal
116.8°WVea Canal3911 Horizontal
116.8°WIPN3916 Horizontal
116.8°WMW Network3920 Vertical
116.8°WMovie WorldSpa3920 Vertical
116.8°WBeverly Hills MoviesSpa3920 Vertical
116.8°WGlobo TV3926 Vertical
116.8°WTeleuniverso Dominican Republic3930 Vertical
116.8°WMas TV Canal 53932 Vertical
116.8°WTelevisa Networks3940 Horizontal
116.8°WDe PeliculaSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WGolden EdgeSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WUnicableSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WTeleHitSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WRMSSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WBandamaxSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WTlnovelas AmericaSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WLas Estrellas MexicoSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WForo TV MexicoSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WCanal 5 Mexico CitySpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WGala TV MexicoSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WTiinSpa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WLas Estrellas Mexico +2Spa3940 Horizontal
116.8°WHonduras mux3949 Vertical
116.8°WCanal 11 HondurasSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WCCI ChannelSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WFFAA TVSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WNuevo MundoSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WCanal 11 HondurasSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WCHTVSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WDTV HondurasSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WSi TVSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WMi Vina ChannelSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WHCHSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WWaldivision InternacionalSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WTodo Deportes TVSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WTeleProgresoSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WJBN TVSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Globo HondurasSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WHCH RadioSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Vision HondurasSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WMusiqueraSpa3949 Vertical
116.8°WTodo Deportes TVSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WTeleProgresoSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WTVHSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WJBN TVSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WCCI ChannelSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WFFAA TVSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WNuevo MundoSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WCanal 11 HondurasSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WDTV HondurasSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WSi TVSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WWaldivision InternacionalSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WMi Vina ChannelSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WHCHSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WCHTVSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Globo HondurasSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WMusiqueraSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WHCH RadioSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Vision HondurasSpa3957 Vertical
116.8°WCB TV Mexico3960 Vertical
116.8°WNTV Guatemala3962 Vertical
116.8°WEcuavisa3968 Vertical
116.8°WEcuavisaSpa3968 Vertical
116.8°WMonte Maria TV3969 Horizontal
116.8°WHonduras mux3975 Horizontal
116.8°WCongreso TVSpa3975 Horizontal
116.8°WRTG3976 Vertical
116.8°WNTR Canal3984 Vertical
116.8°WDominican Republic mux4009 Vertical
116.8°WTelesistemaSpa4009 Vertical
116.8°WCoral 39Spa4009 Vertical
116.8°WClaro CinemaSpa4014 Horizontal
116.8°WConcert ChannelEng4014 Horizontal
116.8°WCanal ClaroSpa4014 Horizontal
116.8°WEcuador TV4015 Vertical
116.8°WDominican Republic mux4031 Vertical
116.8°WTelemicro Canal 5Spa4031 Vertical
116.8°WTelemicro InternacionalSpa4031 Vertical
116.8°WIndependencia FMSpa4031 Vertical
116.8°WPrimera FMSpa4031 Vertical
116.8°WPanamericana TV4044 Horizontal
116.8°WMexico Gobierno Federal4049 Horizontal
116.8°WMexico Gobierno Federal4049 Horizontal
116.8°WTV Mexiquense4052 Vertical
116.8°WTV MexiquenseSpa4052 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Mexiquense 911 FMSpa4052 Vertical
116.8°WRadio Mexiquense 1600 AMSpa4052 Vertical
116.8°WCB TV Michoacan4057 Vertical
116.8°WCanal del CongresoSpa4064 Horizontal
116.8°WGobierno de la RepublicaSpa4064 Horizontal
116.8°WCemesatel Wed 1030-13304075 Horizontal
116.8°WGuatevision4084 Horizontal
116.8°WEl Financiero Bloomberg4090 Horizontal
116.8°WEl Financiero BloombergSpa4090 Horizontal
116.8°WTele Ciudadana4098 Horizontal
116.8°WEcuavisa Quito4103 Horizontal
116.8°WTelesur Mexico4106 Horizontal
116.8°WMexico Travel Channel4109 Horizontal
116.8°WTV Arquidiocesana4116 Horizontal
116.8°WFlow SportsEng4120 Vertical
116.8°WEcuador TV4134 Horizontal
116.8°WEcuador TVSpa4134 Horizontal
116.8°WOromar TV4155 Horizontal
116.8°WRTV4175 Horizontal
116.8°WAzteca Honduras4178 Horizontal
116.8°WEdusat4189 Horizontal
116.8°WTelesecundariaSpa4189 Horizontal
116.8°WEdusat feeds4189 Horizontal
116.8°WEdusat feeds4189 Horizontal
116.8°WEdusat feeds4189 Horizontal
116.8°WTV UNAMSpa4189 Horizontal
116.8°WTigo12060 Vertical
116.8°WTigo promoSpa12060 Vertical
116.8°WTigo12080 Horizontal
116.8°WTigo12100 Vertical
116.8°WTele Vida Abundante12123 Vertical
116.8°WXEWT 1212184 Horizontal
116.8°WXEWT 1212189 Horizontal
Eutelsat 117 West A satellite 116.8°W channels list frequency

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