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List of Eutelsat 25B satellite channels & frequency

Eutelsat 25B channels & frequencies list

Here is a free list of all Eutelsat 25B TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on Eutelsat 25B satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

Eutelsat 25B satellite list channels & frequencies

25.5°EAl Jazeera Mubasher 2ara11604 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Dramaeng11180 Vertical
25.5°EAMC Middle-East HDeng11064 Vertical
25.5°EBBC Eartheng11064 Vertical
25.5°ECBS Realityeng11064 Vertical
25.5°EExtreme Sportseng11064 Vertical
25.5°EFine Living HDeng11064 Vertical
25.5°EJim Jameng11064 Vertical
25.5°EOutdoor Channel EMEA HDeng11064 Vertical
25.5°EThe Food Network EMEA HDeng11064 Vertical
25.5°ETravel Channel HDeng11064 Vertical
25.5°EBaraem HDara11104 Vertical
25.5°EJeem HDara11104 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Box Office HDeng11180 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports HD2 Maxara11623 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports NBA HDeng11565 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports Max HDfra11565 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Rayyan HD 2ara11045 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Rayyan TV HDara11045 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Rayyan TVara11142 Vertical
25.5°EAl Jazeera Documentary HD11045 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Jazeera English HDeng11045 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Jazeera HDara11045 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Movies 3 HDeng11565 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports Spain HDesp11565 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Gourmet HDeng11180 Vertical
25.5°EAl Araby TVara11142 Vertical
25.5°EAl Araby TVara11142 Vertical
25.5°EAl Bawadiara11142 Vertical
25.5°EAl Rasoul TVara11142 Vertical
25.5°EMekameleen TVeng11142 Vertical
25.5°EFX HD Arabicara11180 Vertical
25.5°EAl Rafidenara11142 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Movies HDeng11623 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 10 HDeng11623 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 11 HD ENeng11623 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 12 HD ENeng11623 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 9 HD11623 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Movies 2HDeng11642 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports 13 HDeng11642 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports 1 HD FRfra11642 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports 15 HD FRfra11642 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN SPORTS 16 HDfra11642 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports News HDara11565 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports HDara11565 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports 1 HDara11547 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 2 HDara11547 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 3 HDara11547 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports HDara11547 Vertical
25.5°EAl Jazeera Mubasherara11604 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Jazeera Documentaryara11604 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Jazeera Englisheng11604 Horizontal
25.5°EAl Jazeera Satellite Channelara11604 Horizontal
25.5°EQatar TVara11604 Horizontal
25.5°EbeIN Sports 6 HDara11585 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 5 HDeng11585 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 7 HDeng11585 Vertical
25.5°EbeIN Sports 8 HDeng11585 Vertical
Eutelsat 25B satellite 25.5°E channels list frequency

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