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List of SES 5 satellite channels & frequency

Here is a free list of all SES 5 TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on SES 5 satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

SES 5 satellite list channels & frequencies

4.8°ETVGE Internationalesp3714 Left
4.8°ETVC Entertainmenteng3702 Left
4.8°EDove TV Nigeria3695 Left
4.8°ESportkanalen HDswe11345 Horizontal
4.8°EDisney XD Nordicnor11265 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Film Familyswe11265 Vertical
4.8°EImpact Africa TVeng3707 Left
4.8°ENational Geographic Denmarkden11265 Vertical
4.8°ENational Geographic Sweden & Finlandswe11385 Vertical
4.8°EAstra Ultra HD Testswe11385 Horizontal
4.8°EC More Fotboll HDswe11385 Horizontal
4.8°EC More Golf HD Denmarkswe11385 Horizontal
4.8°EC More Hockey HDswe11385 Horizontal
4.8°EComedy Central Swedenswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°EMTV Swedenswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°ETV 12 HDswe11385 Horizontal
4.8°EMountain of Fire and Miracleseng3693 Left
4.8°EWap TV Nigeriaeng3697 Left
4.8°EHistory Swedenswe11305 Horizontal
4.8°ECNN International Europeeng11345 Horizontal
4.8°EBBC World Newseng11265 Vertical
4.8°EE Entertainment TV Nordiceng11265 Horizontal
4.8°EDisney Channel Denmarkden11265 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Friden11265 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Newsden11265 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Zuluden11265 Vertical
4.8°ETV2 Charlieden11265 Vertical
4.8°EBoomerangfin11345 Horizontal
4.8°ECartoon Networkeng11345 Horizontal
4.8°EDisney Junior Nordicswe11265 Vertical
4.8°EMTV Denmarkden11265 Horizontal
4.8°EMTV Hits11265 Horizontal
4.8°ENat Geo Peopleden11345 Horizontal
4.8°ENat Geo Wild Russiaeng11345 Horizontal
4.8°ENHK Worldeng11345 Horizontal
4.8°ENick Jr Nordicswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°ENickelodeon Denmarkden11265 Horizontal
4.8°ENickelodeon Norwaynor11265 Horizontal
4.8°ESonLife Broadcasting Networkeng11345 Horizontal
4.8°EVH-1 Video Hits Oneswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°EVH-1 Classiceng11265 Horizontal
4.8°ENick Toonsrus11265 Horizontal
4.8°ECanal 9 Denmarkden11265 Vertical
4.8°EComedy Central Norwaynor11265 Vertical
4.8°EDisney Channel Nordicswe11265 Vertical
4.8°EDisney Channel Norwaynor11265 Vertical
4.8°EDKden11265 Vertical
4.8°EEurosport Danmarkden11265 Vertical
4.8°EFox Swedenswe11265 Vertical
4.8°EKanalden11265 Vertical
4.8°EKanal 5 Denmarkden11265 Vertical
4.8°ENational Geographic Norwaynor11265 Vertical
4.8°ENickelodeon Swedenswe11265 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Livsstilnor11265 Vertical
4.8°ETV6 Norgenor11265 Vertical
4.8°EBonferey TVfra3924 Left
4.8°ECAF TVfra3924 Left
4.8°ECanal 3 Nigerfra3924 Left
4.8°EDounia TV3924 Left
4.8°EFEM11345 Vertical
4.8°ETV3 Maxden11345 Vertical
4.8°ELiberation TVeng3691 Left
4.8°EViasport 111305 Horizontal
4.8°EViasport+nor11345 Horizontal
4.8°EViasport 2vo11345 Horizontal
4.8°EViasport 3vo11345 Horizontal
4.8°ESunna Savanah3924 Left
4.8°EAIT International UKeng3992 Right
4.8°EAIT Nationaleng3996 Right
4.8°EAIT Partnerseng4001 Right
4.8°ETVC News Nigeriaeng3702 Left
4.8°EViasat Film Action HDswe11305 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Film Hits HDswe11305 Vertical
4.8°ETV 3 HD Denmarkden11265 Horizontal
4.8°ETV Norge HDnor11345 Horizontal
4.8°ETV6 HD Swedenswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Norge HDnor11265 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Explore HDswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Fotboll HDswe11345 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat History HDtur11265 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Nature HDswe11265 Horizontal
4.8°ELiberty TV Kaduna3845 Right
4.8°EEurosport Norway HDnor11305 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Series HDswe11305 Vertical
4.8°ETVC Newseng3702 Left
4.8°ETV 3 HD Norgenor11305 Vertical
4.8°EAlleluja World TVfra3924 Left
4.8°E6eren HDden11385 Vertical
4.8°EDiscovery Channel Swedenswe11345 Vertical
4.8°EDiscovery Norway HDnor11305 Horizontal
4.8°EEurosport 111305 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Xtra 711345 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Sport Premium HDswe11305 Horizontal
4.8°EACBN Internationaleng3850 Right
4.8°EEsports TVeng11305 Horizontal
4.8°ECanal 3 Mboafra3924 Left
4.8°ETV 3 Sport 1 HDden11305 Horizontal
4.8°ETV 2 Sport Premium 1nor11385 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Sport Premium 2nor11385 Vertical
4.8°EDR 1 HDden11305 Horizontal
4.8°ETV2 Sport HD Denmarkden11305 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Hockey HDswe11305 Horizontal
4.8°EViasat Sport HDswe11305 Horizontal
4.8°ECore TV Newseng3860 Right
4.8°ECanal 3 Waama3924 Left
4.8°EEvanglique TVfra3924 Left
4.8°ESunna Yoruba3924 Left
4.8°ECanal 3 Cinemafra3924 Left
4.8°ECanal 3 Fongbe3924 Left
4.8°ECanal 3 Monde3924 Left
4.8°ESunna TV3924 Left
4.8°ECanal 3fra3924 Left
4.8°EGalaxy TV Nigeriaeng3857 Right
4.8°EViasat Xtra 611345 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Xtra 1au11345 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Xtra 2eng11345 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Nyhetskanalen HDnor11385 Vertical
4.8°EDR 3 HDden11345 Vertical
4.8°ETV2 HD Lorryden11345 Vertical
4.8°EDR 3 HDden11345 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Sport Premium 3nor11385 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Sport HD 1nor11385 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 HDnor11385 Vertical
4.8°ETV 2 Zebra HDnor11385 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Golf HDvo11345 Vertical
4.8°ETV 3 Sport 1 HDden11345 Vertical
4.8°EKanal 5 HD Swedenswe11305 Vertical
4.8°ETV 3 HD Sverigeswe11305 Vertical
4.8°EViasat Motor HDswe11305 Vertical
SES 5 satellite 4.8°E channels list frequency

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