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List of Simon Bolivar satellite channels & frequency

Here is a free list of all Simon Bolivar TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on Simon Bolivar satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

Simon Bolivar satellite list channels & frequencies

78.0°WTelesur Venezuela3838 Vertical
78.0°WTelesur VenezuelaSpa3838 Vertical
78.0°WTelesur VenezuelaSpa3838 Vertical
78.0°WTelesur VenezuelaSpa3838 Vertical
78.0°WSiBCI3885 Vertical
78.0°WTVesSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WViVeSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WVenezolana de TVSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WColombeia TVSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WANTV VenezuelaSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WConciencia TVSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WTV FANBSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WTelesur VenezuelaSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WLa Radio del SurSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRNV InformativaSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRNV MusicalSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRNV ClasicaSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WTiuna FMSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WYVKE Radio MundialSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRNV ClasicaSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WAN Radio 1023 FMSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRNV TachiraSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRadio Corazon LlaneroSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°WRadio MirafloresSpa3885 Vertical
78.0°Wfeeds3912 Vertical
78.0°Wfeeds3916 Vertical
78.0°Wfeeds3922 Vertical
78.0°WICRT11323 Horizontal
78.0°WCANTV TV Satelital11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTVesSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WVenezolana de TVSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTelesur VenezuelaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WVenevisionSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WColombeia TVSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WViVeSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WConciencia TVSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WANTV VenezuelaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTelevenSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WMeridiano TVSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTLTSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WCubavision InternacionalSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTV Brasil InternacionalPor11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTV ChileSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WBBC World News AmericasEng11380 Horizontal
78.0°WRT EspanolSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°W123 TVSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WCartoon Network Latin AmericaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTooncastSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WSun Channel VenezuelaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WHTV USASpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WMuch LatinoamericaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTNT America LatinaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTCM America LatinaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WEurochannelPor11380 Horizontal
78.0°WSportPlus VenezuelaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WRNV InformativaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WRNV ClasicaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WRNV MusicalSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WRNV ActivaSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WYVKE Radio MundialSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WLa Radio del SurSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WTiuna FMSpa11380 Horizontal
78.0°WCANTV Internet11410 Vertical
78.0°WCatatumbo TV11509 Vertical
78.0°WTVO Venezuela11512 Vertical
78.0°WPDVSA TV11520 Vertical
78.0°WTV Nacional Uruguay11535 Horizontal
78.0°Wfeeds11624 Vertical
78.0°Wfeeds11731 Horizontal
Simon Bolivar satellite 78.0°W channels list frequency

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