(New 2022) SpaceToon 1 TV frequency Nilesat 201 - Nilesat

SpaceToon 1 Channel frequency on Nilesat 201 Satellite.

Spacetoon 1 TV frequency on Nilesat 201
التردد الجديد لقناة سبايستون على  النايلسات
Space Toon 1 TV frequency Nilesat 201

Space Toon 1 TV frequency new frequency, the channel can be viewed now live on Nilesat 201 at the new stable frequencies.
Watch your channel by editing your STB TP parameters with the followings:

Space Toon 1 Channel Frequency on Nilesat 201 Satellite

  • Channel Name: Space Toon 1
  • Satellite: Nilesat 201
  • Position: 7.0°W
  • Frequency: 11785
  • Polarity: Vertical
  • Symbol Rate: 27500 3/4
  • Language: ara

    The SpaceToon 1 TV frequency Channel on all satellites

    Space Toon 1Nilesat 2017.0°W11785Vertical27500 3/4
    If The frequency of Space Toon 1 TV given here not correct please feel free to notice us

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