(New 2022) Islam Channel Frequency Astra2 Eutelsat 36 - Nilesat

Islam Channel its a Television station TV broadcast via satellite from UK broadcast Islamic News for Muslims in the United Kingdom and for the Muslims of the world,
You can watch Islam Channel on UK via Free sat at channel 693 or via Sky at Channel 813or via live streaming on internet: https://www.islamchannel.tv/ic-player/
Islam Channel Frequency

The Popular programs that people like to watch on Islam Channel is Hajj  Kive, IslamiQa, Womens AM, Health show, City Sisters, Education Matters, Whos Allah, This day in History, Live prayers, Image of Impire...

The Frequency of Islam Channel in Satellite :

Islam Channel Frequency
Eutelsat 36B / 35.9°E
11785 - H - 27500 5/6

Islam Channel Frequency
Astra 2G / 28.2°W
11112 - H - 22000 5/6


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