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The frequency of Akanayo TV on Badr satellite:

AKANAYO TV Frequency on Badr sat
AKANAYO TV Frequency on Badr sat

Akanayo TV Channel from Ghana is a new TV station that  seeks as They say to liberate Ghanaian and Africans at large from the shackles of  sickness and diseases and afflictions as the Konkoronko man teaches on herbs and naturalism.
Watch  Akanayo TV on badr Sat at the frequency given below and feel free to enjoy its programs and share it with your friends .

Akanayo TV frequency Badr sat

  • Channel Name: Akanayo TV
  • Satellite: Badr 7
  • Position: 26.0°E
  • Frequency: 10970
  • Polarity: V
  • Symbol Rate: 27500 3/4
  • Language: English
  • Beams: NW Africa

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