(New 2022) Alarabiya TV frequencies - Nilesat

Al Arabiya Channel frequency on All satellites :

Alarabiya TV frequencies
The frequencies of All Arabia TVs on satellite

AL-Arabiya satellite TV station news Saudi Arabia and part of the Saudi media system was communicated from the Egyptian Company for Media Production City in Egypt and now communicate from Dubai Media City , United Arab Emirates and is keen on this station political, financial and sports news. Like most other Arab and outside channels, the channel incorporates Arab, Saudi and Western media.

The station was established by the Middle East Television Center , the Hariri Group, and financial specialists from a few other Arab nations. . Be that as it may, the Wikileaks uncovered that Al - Arabiya and MBC gathering having a place with the relative of King Fahd and Walid al-Ibrahim and half of the channel 's portion of the benefits is Prince Abdul Aziz receptacle Fahd child of the late Saudi King.

Assumed control over the administration of the channel until its initiation, previous Minister of the Jordanian media Saleh Qallab , where he started to cover the war on Iraq ; and afterward assumed control over the Saudi Media Department Abdul Rahman Al - Rashed , following a year after the establishing of the Canal

Here is list of all the news Arabic Channel Alarabiya frequencies on All satellites including, Intelsat, Eutelsat 7W, Nilesat, Badr, Anik, Hoybird, and Asia. al arabiya news frequency on Nilesat is lalst updated on 12.08.2019

The Al Arabiya TV frequencies :

Intelsat 19 166.0°E 12646 H 28066 3/4Free
Eutelsat 16A (16.0°E) 10957 H 3333 3/4Free
AsiaSat 5 100.5°E 3760 H 27500 3/4Free
AsiaSat 5 100.5°E 3820 V 27500 3/4Free
AsiaSat 5 100.5°E 4080 H 30000 5/6Free
Badr 7 26.0°E 11270 V 27500 5/6BISS
Badr 4 26.0°E 11938 V 27500 5/6Free
Badr 5 26.0°E 12284 V 27500 5/6Free
Badr 6 26.0°E 12399 V 27500 3/4Conax Irdeto
Hotbird 13C 13.0°E 11747 H 27500 3/4Free
Eutelsat 7 West A 7.3°W 11559 V 27500 5/6Free
Eutelsat 7 West A 7.3°W 12169 V 27500 5/6Free
Eutelsat 8 West B 8.0°W 11471 V 27500 5/6Free
Anik F3 118.8°W 12094 L 20000 3/4Nagravision
Anik F3 118.8°W 12185 L 20000 3/4Nagravision

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