(New 2022) Bedaya TV frequency on Nilesat - Nilesat

The Frequency of Bedaaya TV on Satellite:

Bedaya TV frequency on Nilesat

Bedaya TV on Nilesat is a social channel concentrated on unscripted television programs. It was built up on the 24th of Rabi Al Thani on June 1, 2005 and its official central station is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The channel is focused on the qualities ​​and customs of the Arab world. Numerous fields and qualify them for the work showcase Also, increasing various abilities with various mixes and fields, and has particular station start from different stations broadcasting and review unscripted television programs on its screen, and accomplished a huge survey rate visited in the Arab and Islamic world has as of late won the primary spot among the Arab and Islamic stations and the program Zddak explicitly Arab Satellite TV Festival in Cairo on the best Gulf and Arab station for the year 2016
  • Channel Name: Bedaya TV
  • Satellite: Nilesat 201
  • Position: 7.0°W
  • Frequency: 12054
  • Polarity: V
  • Symbol Rate: 27500 5/6
  • Language: Ara
  • Beams: Middle East48

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