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Palestinian Satellite Channel  frequency on all satellites:

Palestinian Satellite Channelfrequency
Palestinian Satellite Channel frequency

The general patriotism of the Palestinian culture during its transition to meet its basic privileges of freedom and independence and the foundations of its independent state in the country. . The legitimacy of the founding of the Palestinian Authority has been contained in objectives not (4566) Presented by President Yasser Arafat on 6/7/1993, and the right of Palestinians to own two radio stations and television broadcasting in one of the arrangements of the Declaration of Principles established between the PLO and the Israeli government on September 13, 1993, attests to the importance of the Thiam Committee to assume Great task in the structure of dependence and fair and complete harmony. The objectives of conducting harmony and satisfaction of the national privileges of Palestinian individuals, which work to improve power in the Middle East, require the commitment of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation by projecting the national character and bringing them together, and improving their chances. Freedom will anticipate their material and deep position in the region and on the planet when everything is said to be done. In achieving its open administrations, the PA relies on a government of majority rule, acceptance of scholars, pluralism, and the depth of the heritage and human progress of Palestinian individuals.

Palestinian Satellite Channel frequency

Badr 4 26.0°E 11958 H 27500 5/6
Badr 4 26.0°E 11958 H 27500 5/6
Nilesat 201 7.0°W 11823 V 27500 5/6
Eutelsat 8 West B 8.0°W 12646 H 27500 5/6
Hispasat 30W-4 30.0°W 12132 H 27500 3/4
Galaxy 19 97.0°W 12146 V 22000 3/4

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