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List of Star One C1 satellite channels & frequency

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Here is a free list of all Star One C1 TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on Star One C1 satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

Star One C1 satellite list channels & frequencies

65.0°Wfeeds3650 Vertical
65.0°WEsporte Interativo3669 Vertical
65.0°WPraetorium3670 Horizontal
65.0°WPraetorium Sat Canal 1Por3670 Horizontal
65.0°WPraetorium Sat Canal 3Por3670 Horizontal
65.0°WPraetorium Sat Canal 4Por3670 Horizontal
65.0°WPraetorium Sat Canal 5Por3670 Horizontal
65.0°WPraetorium Sat Canal 6Por3670 Horizontal
65.0°WPraetorium Sat Canal 7Por3670 Horizontal
65.0°WCanal do Boi feeds3687 Horizontal
65.0°WOi TV promoPor3691 Horizontal
65.0°WPFCPor3691 Horizontal
65.0°WPremiere FC 2Por3691 Horizontal
65.0°WEI Maxx3697 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Banco do Brasil3720 Horizontal
65.0°WPolishop3732 Vertical
65.0°WTV Imaculada Conceicao3734 Vertical
65.0°WRadio C&A3736 Horizontal
65.0°WNacional3736 Horizontal
65.0°WLight3736 Horizontal
65.0°WDance3736 Horizontal
65.0°WInstrumental3736 Horizontal
65.0°WPop3736 Horizontal
65.0°WMPB3736 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Imaculada Conceicao3736 Vertical
65.0°WRede Boas Novas3744 Horizontal
65.0°Wfeeds3744 Horizontal
65.0°WRadio Pentecostal Deus e AmorPor3744 Horizontal
65.0°WRede Brasil3762 Horizontal
65.0°WTV PE3766 Horizontal
65.0°WApoio Sat3771 Vertical
65.0°WTabajara AMPor3771 Vertical
65.0°WRadio ManchetePor3771 Vertical
65.0°WRadio Cruzeiro 590 AMPor3771 Vertical
65.0°WTudo FM 1025Por3771 Vertical
65.0°WRadio MetropolePor3771 Vertical
65.0°WItapoan FMPor3771 Vertical
65.0°WNativa FM 1037Por3771 Vertical
65.0°W1061 FMPor3771 Vertical
65.0°WApoio Sat3774 Vertical
65.0°WTabajara AMPor3774 Vertical
65.0°WRadio ManchetePor3774 Vertical
65.0°WRadio Cruzeiro 590 AMPor3774 Vertical
65.0°WTudo FM 1025Por3774 Vertical
65.0°WMaisnova FMPor3774 Vertical
65.0°WNativa FM 1037Por3774 Vertical
65.0°WFeliz FMPor3774 Vertical
65.0°WFM SuperPor3774 Vertical
65.0°WRadio Cidade FM 993Por3774 Vertical
65.0°WTalkSatPor3774 Vertical
65.0°WJovem 1047Por3774 Vertical
65.0°WGazetaDigital3792 Vertical
65.0°WGlobosat3800 Horizontal
65.0°WInter TV Cabugi3832 Horizontal
65.0°WRede Massa3850 Horizontal
65.0°WTV GuaraPor3850 Horizontal
65.0°Wfeeds3853 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Basa3864 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Taroba Cascavel3876 Vertical
65.0°Wfeeds3894 Horizontal
65.0°WGlobosat3920 Horizontal
65.0°WTV TEM Sorocaba3926 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM SorocabaPor3926 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM SorocabaPor3926 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM Sao Jose do Rio Preto3935 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM Sao Jose do Rio PretoPor3935 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM Sao Jose do Rio PretoPor3935 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM3943 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM SorocabaPor3943 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM ItapetiningaPor3943 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM BauruPor3943 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM Sao Jose do Rio PretoPor3943 Vertical
65.0°WTV TEM ItapetiningaPor3943 Vertical
65.0°WShoptime3950 Vertical
65.0°WInter TV3968 Vertical
65.0°WInter TV SerramarPor3968 Vertical
65.0°WInter TV PlaniciePor3968 Vertical
65.0°WInter TV Alto LitoralPor3968 Vertical
65.0°WInter TV Grande Minas3975 Vertical
65.0°WTV AlvoradaPor4014 Horizontal
65.0°WRede ClubePor4014 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Alvorada4017 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Tapajos4046 Vertical
65.0°WRede Bahia4051 Vertical
65.0°WRede Bahia TV Sao FranciscoPor4051 Vertical
65.0°WRede Bahia TV SudoestePor4051 Vertical
65.0°WRede Bahia TV BahiaPor4051 Vertical
65.0°WGlobosat4100 Vertical
65.0°WGrandes Interpretes4100 Vertical
65.0°WCanal Rural Brazil4121 Horizontal
65.0°WTV Ines4127 Horizontal
65.0°WGrupo RBS4130 Horizontal
65.0°WGaucha Porto AlegrePor4130 Horizontal
65.0°WRadio Atlantida Porto AlegrePor4130 Horizontal
65.0°WRadio Atlantida OnlinePor4130 Horizontal
65.0°WRadio Atlantida FlorianopolisPor4130 Horizontal
65.0°WRede Gaucha SatPor4130 Horizontal
65.0°WGlobosat4140 Vertical
65.0°WOrla TV11885 Horizontal
65.0°WDimensao11893 Horizontal
65.0°WSportyBrazilPor11930 Horizontal
65.0°WRede Sao Paulo Saudavel 2Por11930 Horizontal
65.0°Wfeeds11930 Horizontal
65.0°WTV PanPor11930 Horizontal
65.0°WAustralia Channel NewsEng11930 Horizontal
65.0°Wfeeds11930 Horizontal
65.0°WPNG TV4174 Vertical
65.0°WNBC TV4195 Horizontal
65.0°WSpeedCast11537 Vertical
65.0°WAltegro Sky11623 Vertical
65.0°WSpeedCast11646 Vertical
Star One C1 satellite 65.0°W channels list frequency

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