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List of Star One C2/C4 satellite channels & frequency

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Here is a free list of all Star One C2/C4 TV Channels frequency, Watch your channel on Star One C2/C4 satellite by updating your STB reciever with the following parameters

Star One C2/C4 satellite list channels & frequencies

70.0°WTV Camara3628 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Seculo 213633 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Diario3642 Horizontal
70.0°WRadio Verdes Mares 810Por3642 Horizontal
70.0°WFM 93Por3642 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Senado Brazil3644 Vertical
70.0°WRede Super3648 Vertical
70.0°WRede Mirante3650 Horizontal
70.0°WTV MirantePor3650 Horizontal
70.0°WMirante FMPor3650 Horizontal
70.0°WMirante AMPor3650 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Brasil Central3656 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Evangelizar3664 Vertical
70.0°WFundacao Espirita Andre Luiz3665 Horizontal
70.0°WRCIPor3665 Horizontal
70.0°WRadio Boa NovaPor3665 Horizontal
70.0°WEscola Satelite3667 Vertical
70.0°WEscola SatelitePor3667 Vertical
70.0°WRede Liberal3672 Horizontal
70.0°WLib Music FMPor3672 Horizontal
70.0°WO Liberal CBNPor3672 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Justica3674 Vertical
70.0°WTV JusticaPor3674 Vertical
70.0°WRadio JusticaPor3674 Vertical
70.0°WTV Globo Minas3680 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Vida3685 Vertical
70.0°WRede VidaPor3685 Vertical
70.0°WNSC TV3689 Horizontal
70.0°WCanal Saude3690 Vertical
70.0°WRede Minas3695 Horizontal
70.0°WRede TV Sao PauloPor3702 Vertical
70.0°WRede TV Sao PauloPor3702 Vertical
70.0°WSBT RedePor3702 Vertical
70.0°WSBT RedePor3702 Vertical
70.0°WRede TV Sao PauloPor3702 Vertical
70.0°WTV Novo Tempo Brasil3711 Vertical
70.0°WRadio Nuevo Tiempo BrazilSpa3711 Vertical
70.0°WRecord News3715 Vertical
70.0°WRecord NewsPor3715 Vertical
70.0°WRede Globo3720 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Globo feeds3734 Horizontal
70.0°WSBT Nacional3734 Vertical
70.0°WSBT Rede3753 Vertical
70.0°WNBR3753 Horizontal
70.0°WRadio Nacional da AmazoniaPor3753 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Brasil3757 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Escola3770 Horizontal
70.0°WRede TV Sao Paulo3770 Vertical
70.0°WRede TV Nacional3790 Vertical
70.0°WTerra Viva3790 Horizontal
70.0°WRPC TV3808 Vertical
70.0°WRPC TV BrazilPor3808 Vertical
70.0°WRPC TV BrazilPor3808 Vertical
70.0°WBand Nacional3810 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Morena3816 Vertical
70.0°WTV Morena Campo GrandePor3816 Vertical
70.0°WTV Morena Ponta PoraPor3816 Vertical
70.0°WTV Morena feeds3816 Vertical
70.0°WTV Centro America3825 Vertical
70.0°WTV Centro America CuiabaPor3825 Vertical
70.0°WTV Centro America SinopPor3825 Vertical
70.0°WE-Parana3830 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Bahia3833 Vertical
70.0°WRede Bahia TV BahiaPor3833 Vertical
70.0°WRede Bahia TV OestePor3833 Vertical
70.0°WRede Bahia TV SubaePor3833 Vertical
70.0°WBahia FMPor3833 Vertical
70.0°WCBN SalvadorPor3833 Vertical
70.0°WPolishop3850 Horizontal
70.0°WRecord Sao Paulo3854 Vertical
70.0°WCanal do Boi3870 Horizontal
70.0°WRecord Sao Paulo3874 Vertical
70.0°WTV Anhanguera3887 Vertical
70.0°WTV AnhangueraPor3887 Vertical
70.0°WTV AnhangueraPor3887 Vertical
70.0°WRede Vida3890 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Globo Nordeste3895 Vertical
70.0°WRBS TV RS3906 Vertical
70.0°WRBS TV RSPor3906 Vertical
70.0°WRBS TV RSPor3906 Vertical
70.0°WRede 213910 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Globo3916 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil promo3930 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Globo3940 Vertical
70.0°WCanal Futura3945 Horizontal
70.0°WConexao BR3950 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Ceara3955 Horizontal
70.0°WSBN International3959 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Escola3965 Vertical
70.0°WTV Verdes Mares Cariri3967 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Verdes Mares CaririPor3967 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Verdes Mares CaririPor3967 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Assembleia Ceara3970 Vertical
70.0°WRede CNT Satelite3973 Vertical
70.0°WTV Verdes Mares3973 Horizontal
70.0°WUninter3978 Vertical
70.0°WUninter 3Por3978 Vertical
70.0°WUninter 1Por3978 Vertical
70.0°WTV Aparecida3982 Vertical
70.0°WE-Parana3985 Horizontal
70.0°WGrupo Bandeirantes3990 Vertical
70.0°WBand Sao PauloPor3990 Vertical
70.0°WBand NacionalPor3990 Vertical
70.0°WBand NacionalPor3990 Vertical
70.0°WSBA3993 Horizontal
70.0°WO Caminho AntigoPor3993 Horizontal
70.0°WAgroCanalPor3993 Horizontal
70.0°WPlenitude TVPor3993 Horizontal
70.0°WNovoCanalPor3993 Horizontal
70.0°WGazeta3996 Vertical
70.0°WIdeal TV4010 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Internacional de TV4010 Vertical
70.0°WTV Aparecida4030 Horizontal
70.0°WRede Minas4033 Vertical
70.0°WRede MinasPor4033 Vertical
70.0°WEPTV Campinas e regiao4047 Vertical
70.0°WNovoCanal4050 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Cancao Nova Rede4056 Vertical
70.0°WTV Cancao Nova RedePor4056 Vertical
70.0°WTV Cancao Nova Rede4070 Vertical
70.0°WCanal da Juventude Crista4070 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Camara4090 Horizontal
70.0°WConexao BR4090 Vertical
70.0°WShoptime4110 Vertical
70.0°WPlenitude TV4110 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Senado Brazil4130 Horizontal
70.0°WTV Novo Tempo Brasil4130 Vertical
70.0°WRede Familia4150 Vertical
70.0°WRede Seculo 214150 Horizontal
70.0°WCanal Rural Brazil4170 Horizontal
70.0°WEsporte Interativo4170 Vertical
70.0°WAgroCanal4190 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil10974 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11010 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil11014 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11050 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11090 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil11130 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11130 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11134 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11170 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11170 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Americas Norte11174 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11740 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11780 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11820 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11880 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11940 Horizontal
70.0°WClaro Brasil11960 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil12020 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil12080 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil12120 Vertical
70.0°WClaro Brasil12160 Vertical
Star One C2/C4 satellite 70.0°W channels list frequency

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